“Overall, it is a nice and simple application to get new and interesting wallpaper on your PC daily. The best part is that it’s a very lightweight application and will not at all affect the performance of your PC.”

February 19, 2020
“All you have to do is choose the site you’d like to support, click Wallpaper, and it’ll download the full-sized image, set it as your wallpaper, then update the image every day.”

Mike Williams
Oct 25, 2013
“If you are not the kind of user who likes to stare at the default wallpaper that ships with the Windows operating system, a plain solid color, or a custom photo wallpaper that never changes, you may be interested in Picturethrill, a new program to automatically download and set wallpapers from various sources including Microsoft’s Bing wallpaper of the day”

Martin Brinkmann
August 09, 2012