Picturethrill Evolution

Posted on May 2, 2020

Picturethrill Windows Wallpaper App just added more categories with gorgeous pictures that will bring your desktop to life!

New Categories include:

Download Picturethrill Windows Wallpaper App at:

Thorough Picturethrill Review

Posted on February 26, 2020

Here’s a through review of Picturethrill App by the site TheWindowsClub that truly captures Picturethrill’s essence:

Picturethrill Released

Posted on January 23, 2020

Fixed up Azure Error Log functionality

Picturethrill may report errors it encounters to Kodi Studios, exposing problems, if any. Once these problems are fixed, overtime Picturethrill experience will improve!

Picturethrill has been released

Posted on January 19, 2020

  • Updated PicturethrillSetup.exe to support Unicode paths!
    • Now users across the globe can easily install Picturethrill.
    • Supports all unicode paths, Russian characters, Chinese, Korean, etc!
  • Add new UpdateVersion script
    • This allows faster and more robust development cycle

Picturethrill has been released

Posted on January 17, 2020

  • Fixed Update Logic
    Basically every Wednesday Picturethrill will check for new version and update itself
    This is huge!!!
  • Fixed App Settings
    Improves consistency for Settings
  • Fixed Threading Model to await
    This helps with Performance and Stability of Picturethrill
  • Verified Cache for Images
    If new picture can’t be downloaded for some reason, it will used cached copy
  • Refactored Methods to be Named more consistently
  • Added Comments
  • Enabled Tests to Verify Update Process
  • Enabled Tests for Image Providers
    • Nasa
    • Bing
    • EarthScience