Picturethrill is a simple, small, ad-free, desktop PC app that automatically changes your desktop background every day. Wake up to a new background based on your favorite categories of images, like space, nature, cars, and animals.


  1. Download Picturethrill App
  2. Click “Install” button
    Picturethrill App Installs and Opens
  3. Select site that you want daily wallpapers from
  4. Click “Wallpaper” button
    Now your desktop should have the selected picture as wallpaper, for example:
  5. (Optional) Donate $10 to support development efforts of Picturethrill by Kodi Studios
That’s it! It will do the rest for you :)From now on, every day you can enjoy fresh new wallpaper background image on your Windows device!

More Info

Read more details about Picturethrill here:

Supported Websites

Supported OS

  • Windows 10